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have a great monday. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas this morning. and i'm kristen sze. expect marches and rallies in the bay area with 30 other cities across the u.s. on this one year anniversary of the occupy movement. in new york city where it started on september 17th, 2011. protesters are gathering in zuccotti park with plans to march near the new york stock exchange. saturday 300 marched, at least a dozen arrests, but no major problems. last year the mayor ordered police to evict protesters from the plaza. >> occupy protesters have several demonstrations planned today to mark the anniversary of the start of the movement. amy hollyfield is in the financial district with what
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we can expect there. >> reporter: we've got a group already occupying now. it is a small group, they've camped out overnight to start making their statement. they say don't let their size fool you. they believe the movement is still going strong. it is a far cry interest the crowds we saw at the beginning of the occupy movement. we have video to show you. especially, in oakland and san francisco the protesters were very enthusiastic then in their crusade. there were some clashes with police. there was disagreement over whether it is a successful way to get the message across, turning to violence. the group this morning says, they want to do a strategic nonviolent protesting. they say they consider this past year a success. >> the summary of the year is
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occupy has made huge progress. we've changed the dialogue in the country. people are talking about things that they never talked about before. now, we are growing as a movement. we are transitioning. >> reporter: i asked her when bank employees this morning pass by this group what do they hope the employs will do? she says they need to put people with before profits. she suggested they quit and take a job at a credit union and help people more than being concerned about profits. there will be protests throughout the day all over the bay area, including downtown berkeley at wells fargo and in the financial district. this group says later this afternoon when those protests get going that's when you are going to see the large crowds. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. people living in one san mateo apartment building were asked to shelter-in-place for a couple of hours because
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of a possible haz-mat situation. one resident reported smelling a chemical smell in the lobby. teams were dispatched to the building and asked residents to stay in their homes. they couldn't locate the source finally the shelter-in-place was lifted. bart service back to normal after an electrical short circuit yesterday afternoon forced evacuation of the civic center station in san francisco. riders reported loud explosion and smoke around 1:30, that brought a massive response. police quickly determined nothing criminal happened. bart tells us something came in contact with the third rail, causing the system to short circuit as the train pulled into the station. no injuries, riders say it was scary. >> i was scared i thought something might be wrong with the train. >> no one wants to hear a loud
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noise coming from a train. this does happen from time to time and we do know the steps to take to make sure everything is safe. >> bart says the emergency response turned out to be more than what was needed but it is better to be safe than sore. in napa county no signs of a fisherman who filled into the river over the weekend. he plunged off the bridge into the river 2:45 sunday morning. rescuers call off search late yesterday. he had been fishing with a friend. a coast guard helicopter scoured the area from the sky. coast guard and sheriff's office said they won't resume the search unless new evidence is found. daughter of a retired san francisco firefighter is in nebraska this morning, looking for her dad. 69-year-old charles dowd has been missing since friday. he was taking amtrak to
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chicago with plans to travel on to canada to meet his son but he never made it to chicago and may have been spotted getting off the train in omaha. his daughter says he normally stays in touch. >> he does have medical needs and does need his medication for high blood pressure and heart disease and he is diabetic. but you know for medical reasons we obviously need to know where he is. >> this is a facebook page created called "find charlie dowd." jennifer is meeting her brother where they will pass out pictures of her dad. kira klapper will have more in the next hour. it has been six months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared on her way to school. sierra lamar has not been seen since march 16th. lilian kim has the story from morgan hill. >> reporter: they spent six
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months grieving, searching and hoping that's how long 15-year-old sierra lamar has been missing. >> it is a long, longtime, too long. heartbreaking. >> reporter: to commemorate the sixth month anniversary of her disappearance, friends, family and volunteers took a balloon each wrote a personal message to her. >> i wrote come home, your friends and family pray everyday for you. >> reporter: she disappeared on her way to the school bus stop. antolin garcia-torres has been charged with her murder based on dna evidence investigators say they found in his car and on her clothing. in all, 100 balloons were released into the air, red was one of her favorite colors. as comforting as it was to be together, those who love her
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couldn't hide their pain and sadness. her mother. >> i just love her to pieces and think about her more now than i ever have. i just miss her. >> reporter: search volunteers say they haven't lost hope. they say they will continue to do what it takes to find her. >> we are not going to give up until that girl is here, one way or the other. >> reporter: although a core group of 50 or so remains committed, the total number helping has dwindled. organizers hope the six month milestone will inspire people to volunteer they meet every saturday 8 a.m.. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> we turn over to mike nicco. any mist? >> no. good morning. let me start by showing you
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fairfield, southwest gusting to 30 sea breeze back most winds out of the west except for santa rosa calm and half moon bay and mountain view. cooler push of air that is going to make us a little cooler during the afternoon. high pressure moving away here's the trough of low pressure, air of low pressure within that trough moving our way reinforcing -- hard to get into 80s, east bay valleys, 7:00 this morning, mainly in the 50s cloudy everywhere except east bay valleys and napa don't have cloud cover clouds back to the coast by noon 56 there, 68 bay, 77 inland. 79 inland, 4:00. all of news the 50s and 60s, you will need a jacket during the evening. next three days coolest, 80s as warm as we get inland tuesday and wednesday 82
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thursday low to mid 70s bay upper 50s coast. so far, so good. early out there. reminder, if you are traveling to downtown san francisco third street freeway getting off towards mosconey has been jammed all weekend long, howard closed between third and fourth due to the dream force convention at mosconey center. anywhere south of market most of the week is going to be crazy. eastbound 4 due to roadwork at elevator ridge closed until 5:30 detour off and then back on good ride out of antioch westbound. out of central valley tracy towards altamont pass moving well. elsewhere northbound 680 at ignace yo valley road stall blocking right lane, chp en route to that.
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bay bridge told very light. -- bay bridge toll very light. buzz growing over microsoft's anticipated tablet. victims of last year's reno air race crashes are required. when endeavour takes off you will be able to see it in the bay area.
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sleeping dogs the adventure game centers around
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undercover police officer in hong kong. dan ackerman likes the game. >> great voice cast, including tom wilkinson, emma stone and a lot of other big actors, a more serious movie treatment as opposed to a video game. >> new study looks at first impressions on facebook. people who have lots of positive profile comments are to be the most physically, socially and professionally attractive. final day of the reno air races ended yesterday with a tribute to those who lost their lives during a horrific accident last year. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a pilot and 10 people died when a plane crashed into the box seats which made planning this year's event difficult. organizers were not sure whether they would have a show
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at all. some say they did notice a difference. >> because of the impact of what happened last year i did hear one vend orsay there were less children -- one vend or say there was left children. >> more chance of dying from a cantaloupe than going to the air races. >> organizers admit attendance was down this year they are already planning next year. nasa has postponed the final flight of endeavour for 24 hours, it will be tomorrow when it piggybacks jumbo jet and flies to houston before heading to los angeles. the endeavour, the youngest of the shuttle fleet flew 25 missions circleed earth more than 4600 times. low level fly-over through northern california thursday. three crewmembers from the international space station are back home this morning. they landed two hours ago in
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kazakhstan after more than four months in space. this is video from the soyuz space capsule as they undocked from the space station. they've been inor about it since may, welcome back. next, the real life dangers of sexting what new findings reveal about teenagers who send explicit text messages. new protests sparked by anti-islam video. the ingredient now causing big healthé problems in kids. consequences of cold feet what prewedding jitters could tell about how long the marriage may last. it was the summer of shades, 50 shades that made things hotter today i talk with the author of that titilating trilogy what noted her to write in book and where did she learn all this stuff?
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50s to near 60 coast and san francisco, 60s and a few 70s around the bay, 70s and a few 80s inland most 80s east bay valleys, temperatures cooler today than over the weekend. autumn arriving in fargo today 57, 60s high in minneapolis, self tooties and 80s until you get to fee -- 70s and 80s until you get to phoenix. threat of severe weather south atlanta storms moving into the mid south and southeast delays there. at home quiet marine layer clouds delays at sfo are inevitable. right now we want to give
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you live pictures from new york city, you are looking at zuccotti park in new york city where occupy wall street protesters are gathered on this one year anniversary of the occupy movement. they have plans to march today near the new york stock exchange. you can see police as well. there have been a dozen arrests since this weekend on saturday, 300 people marched in new york city. again, a little tension there, yesterday or i should say last year you remember new york city mayor bloomberg ordered police to evict protesters from this park. today they are going to make a big show. there are rallies and marches in san francisco and 30 other u.s. cities, corporate targets may be be targeted as well. stay tuned to for the latest information. anti-american fury expanding across the muslim world this morning. police in afghanistan say-s burned cars and threw rocks at
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a u.s. military base in kabul. demonstrators from pakistan made their way to the outer wall of the consulate in karachi. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: americans are being evacuated from u.s. missions overseas as the anti-u.s. fury continues. this morning department -- demonstrators took to the streets of kabul, afghanistan still protesting over an anti-islam film produced in the u.s.. in pakistan police fired tear gas and cannons on protesters who broke through a barricade on their way to the u.s. consly. >> president has been clear the protection of american personnel and facilities is and will remain top priority. >> reporter: in afghanistan u.s. service members on edge after four american troops were killed by afghan soldiers they believed were their allies. the incidence after the taliban launched brazen attack on a coalition basement thought was the safest in the country. 15 taliban fighters wearing
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american uniforms blew a hole through the alter wall stormed in with automatic rifles, grenade launchers and suicide vests damage was enormous. >> this was a deliberate, well manned, well execute attack by the taliban that created chaos and mayhem on a base that should have been more secure and this should not have happened. >> reporter: taliban says it was targeting prince harry, a stationed at the joint u.s. and british base he was whisked way to safety moments after attack. the u.s. says the attack on libya was not planned. the interim president is suggesting the attack could have been the work of al-qaeda. tahman bradley, abc7 news. now to mike nicco. [ talking over each other ] good morning.
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here's a look at some of the cloud cover hanging around the bay area one of the reason why is we are going to be slightly cooler today than yesterday. because of stubborn clouds and marine layer hanging around. outside -- you can see cloud cover extensive, maybe mist along the coast for the most part dry. now temperatures, running pretty much in the 50s, low to mid 50s, antioch 57, mountain view 58, monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s. as we head to the afternoon, san francisco the same as yesterday, so is santa rosa, concord, fremont, san jose two degrees cooler than yesterday, oakland about three. south bay san francisco san jose 74 los gatos 78 peninsula 70 in palo alto 63
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millbrae 60 half moon bay 59 in daly city low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito low to mid 70s north bay valleys upper 50s to low 60s at your beaches. mid to upper 60s most of the east bay shoreline. mid 70s to mid 80s east bay valleys, 76 dublin, 86 brentwood. 60s around the monterey bay. around the state still warm in the central valley, 90s from sacramento, 91 fresno 97, upper 70s to low 80s san diego and los angeles. rockies take on giants, 57 at 7:15 dropping to 54. tomorrow and wednesday coolest days in the forecast. slow warming trend thursday, friday, saturday. another cooling trend could
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begin sunday. good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley, past university and on into the macarthur maze looking good light at this hour, that's how we like it. san mateo bridge from foster city towards hayward eastbound, headlights looking good, no problems, light on the westbound side as well as you head towards the highrise towards foster city out of hayward area. elsewhere we have that roadwork eastbound highway 4 closed until 5:30 this morning, eastbound at loveridge, westbound moving well as you head out. out of the central valley tracy towards the altamont pass, less than 15 minutes to the dublin pleasanton area. new concerns about kids and salt. according to the cdc american children eat just as much salt as adults. that's about 1,000 milligrams too much everyday, creating health problems.
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15% of kids studyed already had high blood pressure. the study is in the -- journal of pediatrics. a study suggests sexting is a gateway to risky sexual behavior in teens. students who said they sent sexually explicit texts and images were more likely to have had unprotected sex of the of the students who reported using a cell phone daily, 15% admitted to sexing some see this as safer substitute -- to sexting some see this as a safer substitute. if you have cold feet before your wedding it may be an indicator that you will walk away from your marriage. four year study found 19% of women who had doubts were divorced four years later. compared to 8% who didn't have doubts. for men 14 who reported they had doubts, split, versus 9%.
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>> moral is trust instincts. next, new developments in the search for missing retired firefighter, where he was last seen. another morning. cancelled classes in chicago. the mayor is turning to the courts to get teachers off the picket lines and back to class. safety improvements are being planned after several deadly accidents on one san francisco treat. what the city plans to do to slow traffic.
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